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Gen 15


  • Abraham, sometime after this great victory over K’dorla’omer, was allowing his fears to surface.
  • Abraham wonders in V2 if his purchased servant, Eli’ezer (whom we’re told is from Damascus), is going to wind up as the sole inheritor when Abraham dies.
  • Yah promises Abraham the thing he is most worried about: an heir.
  • WE just can’t grasp the importance of a son as an heir to a man in that era.
  • For a man to die without an heir meant an end to his family line
  • Yah tells him to look up into the night sky and count the stars; because that’s how numerous his descendants will be.
  • Abraham believed Yah, and Yah credited it to him as righteousness.
  • Here was the essence of Yah’s plan of salvation.
  • Trust Yah, and Yah will credit it to us as righteousness.
  • This is the very meaning of grace.
  • Grace was Adam’s hope, it was Noach’s, and it was Abraham’s.
  • Grace was the foundation of the Torah given to Moses and is the foundation of the New Covenant in Yahshua.
  • Yah brings up the matter of the Promised Land in verse 7.
  • I brought you from Ur to this place to give it to you.
  • In other words, don’t you get it yet?
  • What do you think this has all been about?
  • You’re going to get the land…nothing can prevent it….. because I’ve decided it.
  • Then, Abraham asks in V8 a curious question that smacks of the highest skepticism if not downright distrust.
  • How am I to know I will possess the land?
  • The fact is, that by all custom and tradition of humans in Abraham’s era, promises that were real had structure.
  • There was a procedure when a promise was made, and that procedure had not yet been carried out in Yah’s promise to Avram.
  • When Yah makes a covenant; the entire Universe is re-shaped and focused around that covenant.
  • So, Yah in His graciousness lowered Himself and performed the standard human covenant ritual as a sign to Abraham.
  • CLEAN animals…… are killed, cut into pieces, and separated into two groups remember, the Hebrew word for covenant, B’rit, means cutting or dividing.
  • This is Yah raising His right hand and swearing upon Himself to be true to His oath.
  • This is a 100% Yah action; Abraham was simply the recipient of the promise.
  • Yah promises a national identity to a people who didn’t even yet exist.
  • A people who at first would be called Hebrew, and then eventually Israel.
  • Suddenly, in verse 11, birds of prey appear and try to escape with the carcasses of the dead animals.
  • Abraham drives them away. What is the meaning of these few words about these birds?
  • This was Satan trying to disrupt and stop the covenant because he knew well what it was going to lead to.
  • How often we are warned in the Scriptures that when Yah promises us good things, Satan will come and try to steal it away.
  • Yah tells him that Abraham’s descendants are going to become slaves in a foreign land, and they will be in that foreign land for 4 centuries.
  • Yahweh says it will be in a land not their own.
  • Then Yah says He will punish that foreign land, and Abraham’s descendants will be released.
  • Yahweh also tells Abraham that he will live to a ripe old age, and that his clan is soon going to leave this place, not to return until the 4th generation from Abraham.
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