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Review of Abram


  • 10 years after Abraham left his father and brother in Haran of Mesopotamia, and journeyed south to the Promised Land.
  • Avram and his family were forced to sojourn for a time in Egypt because the land of Canaan began experiencing a famine.
  • While in Egypt, Avram’s wife, Sarai, was taken by Pharaoh to be part of his harem
  • later she was returned when Pharaoh found out that Sarai was Abraham’s wife and NOT only his sister.
  • Abraham and his family were kicked out of Egypt, and so they went back up to Canaan, much wealthier.
  • Abram had to part company with his nephew, Lot, and Lot’s family when the herds and flocks of their animals had grown so large as to be outstripping the pasture land they shared.
  • Lot moved to Sodom, down by the Dead Sea. And, some time later, several allied kings came from the north with their armies to put down a tax rebellion in the district where Lot lived.
  • Lot and his family were kidnapped in the process, and, as captives on their way back up north to become permanent slaves to these kings from Mesopotamia.
  • They were rescued by Abraham and 318 men from Abraham’s clan.
  • Upon his triumphant return from freeing Lot, Avram meets the mysterious Melchizedek.
  • Shortly thereafter, Yahweh, using the customary Middle Eastern covenant ceremony, confirms His covenant with Abraham, promising Abraham protection, wealth, land, and an heir….by definition, a son.
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