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Sodom Destroyed


  • Lot fell on his face before these two angels.
  • The Oriental world at that time treated visitors and guests with utmost honor.
  • Bowing low was a customary greeting to a visitor.
  • Inviting them into your home to stay.
  • Oh, no, that’s just too much trouble for you.
  • Sitting in the gate, which it where we find Lot when the Angles arrive.
  • The gate was the way into a walled city.
  • It was harder for group of bandits or an army to suddenly rush through the gateway into the city.
  • Town square. It was a general meeting place.
  • Trials might even occur there. The idea was that whatever business was occurring was public, and had witnesses.
  • Lot prepared his guests a meal with Matzah.
  • The men of Sodom wanted to harm Lot’s two guests.
  • The incredibly perverted and wicked men of Sodom wanted to commit unspeakable sexual acts on these men.
  • Lot offered these evil men his own daughters if they’d leave the 2 angels alone.
  • That is unimaginable that I’d offer my own daughters up for rape, rather than anything happen to these two strangers.
  • It was considered the duty of a family to care for their guests ABOVE themselves.
  • They were to give up their own lives to protect their guests, if necessary. And, that’s what’s happening here.
  • We get an example of the horrendous wickedness of Sodom.
  • Sufficient wickedness that Yahweh has determined to eradicate the place and the people.
  • The world’s highest cultures now taking all social stigma out of homosexuality.
  • Yah destroyed all involved with it.
  • ONLY sin mentioned was homosexuality.
  • That we have Christian Churches who now ordain homosexuals is perhaps even more disturbing.
  • What happens next is that it turns out these two men (angels), who Lot thinks he is protecting, are actually protecting Lot.
  • And, they do so by first supernaturally blinding the men who are trying to batter down the door to get to them.
  • And then by insisting that Lot and his family leave quickly before the destruction begins.
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