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Deut 7


  • Yahweh Will Help Israel Conquer the Land.
  • When Yah gives Israel its land, the people are supposed to "utterly destroy" the nations already living there.
  • The Israelites are not to intermarry with these people because, presumably, the children of these marriages would be taught to worship other gods, and Yahweh would be angry.
  • Moses now tells Israel why Yah chose them.
  • Sure, every other group of people was larger than them.
  • But Yahweh loved them anyway because he made a covenant with Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob in Genesis.
  • Yahweh is loyal to those who love him and keep his commandments, but he punishes those who reject him.
  • Translation: free stuff if you follow the laws, and a plague on your house if you break them.
  • So if they serve Yah well, they'll have lots of food, children, land, and help from disease.
  • All of this leads up to the conquest of Canaan.
  • If the people are afraid.
  • They should remember what Yahweh did in Egypt.
  • Yah will fight for them, but only gradually.
  • If Israel conquers the land too quickly, wild animals may become too plentiful.
  • And hey, guess what? No idols. What—you already heard that? Too bad. Hear it again.
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