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The Path Through the Darkness Part 1


Psalm 23:4 Yea, thou I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil; for thou art with me; Thy rod and thy staff, they comfort me.

  • The world, error, sin and evil.
  • In Scripture, there are two distinct understandings of the darkness.
  • aspect of faith
  • Our walk is to be a walk of faith.
  • This means that the steps that we are taking cannot be seen in the
  • physical most of the time;
  • It is this darkness that we
  • need to come to understand

Yahweh our Elohim and darkness

  • He is light and that there is no darkness in Him at all,
  • We then need to learn that there is an aspect of
  • darkness which is related to YHWH which has nothing to do with sin or evil in any way.

Exodus 19:16 And it came to pass on the third day, when it was morning, that there were thunders and lightnings, and a thick cloud upon the mount, and the voice of a shofar exceeding loud; and all the people that were in the camp trembled.

  • in a thick cloud

Deuteronomy 5:22-23 22 “These words YHWH spoke to all your assembly in the mount out of the midst of the fire, of the cloud, and of the thick darkness, with a great voice; and He added no more. And He wrote them upon two tables of stone, and gave them to me. 23 And it came to pass, when you heard the Voice out of the midst of the darkness, while the mountain was burning with fire, that you came near to me, even all the heads of your tribes, and your elders;”

  • Mountain was covered in thick darkness.

Hebrews 12:18 For you have not come to a mount that might be touched, and that burned with fire, and to blackness, and darkness, and tempest, Yahweh is light in the mist of the thick darkness

Psalm 18:9-12 9 He bowed the heavens also, and came down; And thick darkness was under His feet. 10 And He rode upon a cherub, and did fly; Yea, He soared upon the wings of the wind. 11 He made darkness His hiding-place, His sukkah round about him, Darkness of waters, thick clouds of the skies. 12 At the brightness before Him His thick clouds passed, Hailstones and coals of fire.

  • Thick darkness was under His feet;
  • Darkness was His sukkah that He dwelt in;

Psalm 97:2 Clouds and darkness are round about him; Righteousness and justice are the foundation of His throne.

  • Why does He surround Himself in darkness? He has done this to protect His creation which has fallen into the darkness of wickedness and evil.
  • Since no evil thing can come into His presence,
  • Then it follows that He must protect His creation from His holiness.
  • But we must be restored back into His presence or back
  • into His light.
  • We must penetrate the veil of darkness.
  • All the way through the darkness and come into His glorious light
  • The proper path that He has blazed for us via Yahshua
  • Concept of walking in the light.
  • There is a veil of darkness that Yahweh
  • has wrapped Himself in
  • We must go through a purifying process in order to be able to step into
  • that light; hence, the need to die to self and the self-will.
  • If one attempts to walk somewhere else except through that valley, then he will not be properly equipped to step into His light when the time comes.

Isaiah 50:10 Who is among you that fears Yahweh, that obeys the Voice of His servant? He that walks in darkness, and has no light, let him trust in the name of Yahweh, and rely upon his Elohim.

  • Must do so by trusting in the name of Yahweh. This is a walk of faith. It is not a walk by sight.

Isaiah 59:9 Therefore is justice far from us, neither does righteousness overtake us; we look for light, but, behold, darkness; for brightness, but we walk in obscurity.

  • When was the last time that you went through a trial?
  • Does it seem like there is any justice or righteousness for you anywhere?
  • Maybe, that this is a good place to be and not an evil place to be?
  • It would not be a good place to
  • stay, but it is a good place to pass through on our way to Yahweh our Elohim

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